Monday, January 18, 2016

New Samsung Gear 2 Classic Milanese Loop Band Available at

Samsung's Gear S2 Classic is currently on the market at $349, one of the most expensive smartwatches which costs as much as an Apple Watch. Now The next big things is available! New Samsung Gear 2 Classic Milanese Loop Band now start sells at that make you stand out. Simple to Customize your Samsung Gear S2 classic with The best third party strap.

The Gear S2 classic features traditional watch lugs, which means it is compatible with any strap that has a standard 20mm pin. Now Take a look at what we have launched.

Samsung Gear 2 Classic Milanese Loop Band
Samsung Gear 2 Classic Milanese Loop Band
The Milanese loop for Samsung Gear 2 Classic Watch is made of high quality 316LStainless Steel with Stainless Steel Buckle that make long time use. The Unique magnet design helps you to adjust the length easily, more convenient to wear and off. The band comes with 2 colors, including stylish Black and Silver.

Samsung Gear 2 Classic Milanese Loop Band

Samsung also released a video that shows us how to customize the Gear S2 Classic with traditional watch bands

We'll be updating this list if more bands join in. Now enjoy your time!

New Huawei Watch Milanese Loop and Stainless Steel Band Now Available

Watch Out! New Huawei Watch Milanese Loop and Stainless Steel Band Available at

For everyone who own or ready to get the beautiful Huawei Watch, you should know that removing and replacing the bands on the watch is incredibly easy. You can slap on any band that has a lug width of 18mm if you don’t fall in love with stainless steel and genuine leather band from Huawei. Now let’s start the tour.

No1. Huawei Watch Milanese Loop Band

The Milanese loop for Huawei Watch is made of high quality 316L Steel that make long time use. The Unique magnet design helps you to adjust the length easily, more convenient to wear and off.
The band comes with 3 colors, including Black, Silver and Rose Gold. Just choose the favorite one you like.

No2. Huawei Watch Stainless Steel Band

Our watch strap is made of 316L Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Buckle, the best Link Bracelet band Fits for Huawei Smartwatch. Now Personalize your Huawei Watch with this refined strap.
Check out our Huawei Watch Bands here. 

Now enjoy your time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Get ready for the Space black Milanese Apple Watch Loop from Apple official

[Update: All links and images of this Space Black Milanese Loop band for Apple Watch have now been removed … have asked Apple PR for clarification on the situation …]

Whoops! It seems Apple is going to launch a brand new Apple Watch band, only a 42 mm Space Black Milanese Loop, suitable for Space Black steel watches.
Space black milanese loop apple watch-focuseak

Although Apple didn’t official announced it, but the new Space Black Milanese Loop band for the Apple Watch has been spotted on the Czech Republic Apple Store website today, As of now, it does not appear to be listed in any other Apple Store region. Leaked image as below:
Leaked Space black milanese loop apple watch-focuseak

According to the description of 9to5mac, The store listing does not reveal much aside from the photos embedded. Apple’s online listing didn’t include pricing details or buy button, but it did give some indication that a possible launch date in about a week.

In fact, Third-party aftermarket black Milanese loops have been on sale for a while. If you are fond of the black Milanese loop for Apple watch and Sport, also offer this similar band.

Link: Black Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Strap For Apple Watch

Get ready for the Space black Milanese Apple Watch loop from Apple. Once Apple publish it, we will update it.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Live Show of Hoco’s 3in1 apple watch Hermes bands, Single Double Tour and Cuff

We could admit that the original Apple Watch is a good-looking watch, but the Hermes decoration is more elegant, more refined. A couple months ago, we specifically put up a coverage on the tips about How to get Hermès look with third party apple watch Hermès bands, and today we will show you the detail review of apple watch with Hermes bands, which let you easily own Single tour, long double tour and cuff 3 styles.

What is this? Hoco Hermes Apple Watch Band

The Hoco’s 3in1 new Hermes Strap certainly makes the watch more beautiful, and more desirable. It comes with 38mm and 42mm, suit for Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports and Edition, with all 4 color options you can get from Hermès. And in addition, you can get 3 style in one package, that’s single tour, long double tour and cuff.

1.  Single Tour style with Apple Watch
Hoco Single Tour Apple Watch Hermes Bands

2.  Long Double Tour style with Apple Watch
Hoco Double Tour Hermes Apple Watch Bands Live Show
Hoco Double Tour Apple Watch Hermes Bands-Blue

3.  Cuff style with Apple Watch
Hoco Cuff Hermes Apple Watch Band

The Hermes Band from Hoco Company is made of High quality genuine leather,which guarantees a more comfortable fit with a durable and long-lasting service life
Hoco Hermes Apple Watch Bands 3in1

Want it immediately? Get it online with fast paid by paypal.

We round up that new and best Apple Watch bands, which are rank at the very bottom of the list. Discover and buy the fancy collection of third party Apple Watch bands at our store now.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Apple Watch Price Lists and Where to buy online

The Apple Watch is quickly becoming the dominant wearable device, now closing on Fitbit according to an report from IDC. So below we will introduce you the apple watch(sport, edition) prices and where to get apple watch online at lower price. Take a tour now.

No.1   Price list of Apple Watch
1.Apple Watch Sports(10 models)
38mm goes for $349 while the 42mm goes for $399

2.Apple Watch (20 models)
Prices range from $549 to $1099 depending on the type of band or buckle, as well as the 38mm or 42mm versions.

3.Apple Watch Edition (8 models)
Made of 18karat rose gold cases. The sport band models will set you back between 10,000 to 12,000 but if you prefer buckles instead of bands, you can pick between four colors for either $15,000 or $17,000.

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A full list of discounts on the Apple Watch Sport and stainless steel Apple Watch can be found in AppleInsider's AppleWatch Price Guide

No2.  Where to buy Apple Watch online?
Of course you can easily buy the apple watch from Apple official website, which also comes with varietyof apple watch bands. But if you want to own this fancy device at a discount or lower price, then choosefrom other retail stores or online websites is your wise choice.
One of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart today has begun selling the Apple Watch Sport and accessories through its online store for U.S. Customers. But unfortunately The retailer is currently only selling 38mm and 42mm Sport models in Silver or Space Gray, for $349-$399. Sport Band and magnetic charging cable are available too.

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Bestbuy is offering $100 off the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch on black Friday. And Best Buy now kicked off major discounts on the Apple Watch on Wednesday, offering $100 off its inventory of Apple Watch Sport and stainless steel Apple Watch models for a limited time.
Target also offered Black Friday deals on the Apple Watch with a $100 discount , but this was presented in the form of a Target gift card. The deal is still alive when we write this.

No3.  Should you buy the apple watch now?
Target noted the Watch was one of its top sellers in stores on Black Friday, along with iPads, which means the apple watch is becoming hot. So if you are still thinking the best gifts for Christmas, the apple watch is the best choice.

One analyst is even estimating Apple will sell 21 million watches in the first year. With Walmart now coming online, those numbers may grow.

No4.  Rumors about the new Apple Watch 2
According to sources from, the new model may be introduced at a March 2016 event, but it’s unclear what new features or functionality it may offer. May be Better battery life, more Storage and Better Performance, etc.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Arrival. Calf Leather and Link Bracelet Band for Apple Watch

Located at, we are always looking for the best beautiful third party Apple Watch bands that make your Apple Watch more custom look. This week here arrive two new bands for apple watch , one is calf leather bands and another one is stainless steel link bracelet for apple watch. Let's take a look.

No 1.   Calf Apple Watch Leather band, only $29.99
It is made of top grain leather calf and comes with 2 colors: black and brown. Like the official calf bands, The buckle is simple and traditional classic but it looks nice and does good job. The Leather strap comes with stainless steel adapter, crisply made and stylish.

Band sizes available in 38mm and 42mm, fits all Apple Watch's models, great apple watch bands replacement.
Hoco Apple Watch Calf Leather Band

No 2.   Apple Watch Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Band
The link bracelet from Apple starts at $445, luckily there are 3rd party link bracelets for apple watch, including many replica link bracelets like the one below from hoco company. The replica bracelet was Crafted from 316L stainless steel alloy with custom butterfly closure, Precise CNC makes it a perfect band.

The band are designed for your Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm , available in space black and silver.
Apple Watch Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Band

Overall the two bands above has a good build quality and worth the price. The Apple Watch accessory market is changing every day and we will let you know on our blog once updated. If you have any question, please submit us a message and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Best Apple Black Friday deals 2015: iPhone 6s, iPad Air, Apple watch and Macs

The Black Friday 2015 is here, so does the black Friday deals. Below we round up the best deals for apple fans, those of you who are prepare to get Apple gear. Check out this carefully to save your money.
Apple black friday deals 2015

1. Apple's first-generation Apple watch
Black friday deals 2015-Apple watch
There are not many Apple Watch discounts this year, but If you are prepared to getting one during the holiday 2015, then you should not miss this chance. Target is offering a $100 gift card when you buy an Apple Watch.
  • Black Friday Price: Starts at $349, but you get a $100 Target gift card when you buy any Apple Watch.
  • Normal Price: Starts at $349
  • Timing: Starts Nov. 25
  • Where to buy: Target, online and in stores.
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2. Cheaper iPad Air 2
There are many deals for the iPad Air 2 this year, so pick one at the reasonable price.
Black friday deals 2015-iPad Air 2
Staples : 25% off, so you can find a 16GB Wi-Fi model for $374 (compared to $469) and a 64GB version for $450 (down from $550). Staples' Black Friday deals start online on Thursday, and stores open at 6 a.m. local time on Friday.
Best Buy is slashing $100 from the 16GB and 64GB iPad Air 2, and $125 on a 128GB model. Best Buy opens its doors at 5 p.m. local time on Thursday, then close Friday at 1 a.m. before opening again at 8 a.m.—or you can shop online.
Target is all about gift cards this year. When you buy an iPad Air 2, starting at $499, you'll get a free $150 Target gift card. iPad Air purchases, which start at $399, come with $100 gift cards, and the $269 iPad mini 2 comes with an $80 gift card. You can take advantage of Target's gift card offers starting Wednesday both in-store and online.
At Walmart, a gold 16GB iPad Air 2 is $399—a $100 discount. Walmart's sales kick off online at 12:01 a.m. Pacific on Thursday morning and in-store at 6 p.m. that evening—yes, right after dinner.
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3. iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
black friday deals 2015-macbook
Best Buy is selling the 11-inch MacBook Air at a $120 discount. You can get it at stores or online.
  • What it is: The 11.6-inch MacBook Air with 4GB Memory and 128GB Flash Storage.
  • Black Friday Price: $779
  • Normal Price: $899
  • Timing: Nov. 26-28
At the same time, best buy also offering a $150 discount on the 27-inch iMac , the device which features Retina 5K display, 8GB Memory, and 1TB hard drive. Black Friday Price: $1,649
MacBook Pro with Retina display at a $150 discount, now at only $1,349.
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4. Beats headphones
beats black friday deal
Enjoy the big discount for beats headphones this year. A pair of Beats Solo2 headphones, normally $200, will be $97 at Target. Staples are selling the same pair for $132.
Beats Solo2 wireless headphones are $225 at Target, down from $300.
Powerbeats2 wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which are designed for exercising, are $100 at Best Buy, down from $200.
Staples is also offering huge discounts on Beats Executive noise-canceling headphones, at $200 compared to $300, and Studio wireless headphones, at $250 compared to $380.

5. iPhone 6s
Now Let's go to check the black Friday deals 2015 for new iphone6s.
  • Best Buy: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – purchase or lease of phone after iPhone 5 or later trade-in (guaranteed $200 Best Buy gift card)
  • eBay: $819 128GB iPhone 6s (save $30)
  • eBay: $719 64GB iPhone 6s (save $30)
  • eBay: $629 16GB iPhone 6s (save $20)
  • Target: $249.99 16GB iPhone 6s Plus with 2-year Verizon or Sprint plan (save $50)
  • Target: $149.99 16GB iPhone 6s with 2-year Verizon or Sprint plan (save $50)
  • Target: 64GB iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus also available for discounted prices when purchased on contract
  • Target: $0 down for 16GB iPhone 6s (save $50 and $250 Target gift card for well-qualified quests with installment billing activation)
  • Walmart: iPhone 6s with 2-year contract AT&T and Verizon (save $100 and get $100 Walmart Black Friday Gift Card)
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Amazon also offers variety of deals on this black Friday, including TV, Video & Audio, camera, etc. Visit their official website to find your interesting deals.

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