Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 5 free Movie Apps for Android Tablets in 2012

Smartphones and tablets runs on Android now are full of world, for extremely light and portable. If you are a movie lover and recently you have purchased a tablet, I suppose you will be pleased to find that there are plentiful apps available to suit your cinematic needs. But how to find the favorite movie app that suit for you is a problem. Don’t worry. Luckily, I have gathered five of the best movie apps for you, just pick one you love most. If you want true Blu-Ray movies or 1080 HD video quality on your pc, pick the 5 Best Blu-ray Player Software for PC

Top 1: Movies by Flixster (Average rating  4.7)
If you want to learn about what movies are playing, the app is right for you, which allows you to look up movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes. You can also use this app to Look up showtimes at your favorite theater and buy tickets (from participating theaters) and even Get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, Create your own "Want to See" list, rate & review movies.

Top 2: IMDb Movies & TV (Average rating 4.4)
IMDb Movies & TV
IMDb, short for Internet Movie Database, always offers the leading app for Android tablets, have the world's largest movie, TV and celebrity information. With this app, you can find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, get US TV listings, find latest DVD and Blu-ray releases, explore popular charts, share movie information, and more. And it is totally free.

Top 3: Netflix ( Average rating 4.1)
Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies. Once you are a member of their subscription service, this app gives you access to an unlimited amount of films and TV programmes to stream on your tablet,Only $7.99 a month. This app allows you to start watching on one device, and resume watching on another, That is to say you might start watching a film on a tablet on work and can finish it on their laptop once you get home. Now One-month free trial is provided, you can have a try.

Top 4: Fandango Movies ( Average rating 4.5 )
Fandango Movies
Want to find movie & theater listings, watch trailers, view fan ratings & buy tix fast, the app is the best for you! Fandango, the nation’s leading movie ticketing service and one of the Web’s top moviegoer sites is available as a free app for your Android! This app makes the moviegoing experience better than ever!

Top 5: Crackle (Average rating 3.6)
Crackle - Movies & TV
This app is unlike Hulu Plus, you don’t need to sign up and pay a fee to watch. You can watch  a wide array of free Hollywood films and TV programmes on your tablet. Stream HQ video via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi are supported .

So here is our top five movie apps for Android tablets.

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