Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to make your Android Phone Run Faster

Last year, I bought the HTC One X, which is packed with powerful processors and GPUs, but now I find my android device has gotten slower though it wasn’t earlier. It is really annoying me. I tried my best to solve the problem by myself and discover there is a pretty simple and easy solution for it. Below is a list of useful how-to tips to make your Android Phone run faster! Enjoy!
1.  Using task killer apps
You can disable all the unwanted activities and apps with the Task Killer app. But you should be wise while using task killers. Do not use task killers to close all open apps at a time, close only unwanted apps like games and useless apps. Never force close apps like Gmail, gallery, etc. because it makes your phone lag as when you open those apps again, they needs to be loaded back again to your ram. So keep those apps open which you use often. The best task killer app I used is called Advanced Task Killer.

2.  Uninstall unnecessary apps
This is one of those things that isn’t absolutely necessary, but will also definitely help speed up your phone a bit. You should make a list of usable apps and get rid of others. As a result there will be some free space for seamless running of other apps. To uninstall an app, go to the ‘Setting’ > ‘Applications’ > ‘Manage Applications’ (may vary) and uninstall it.

3.  Clean Up Your Android Device
Cached files can readily build up on a smartphone or tablet, taking up vast amounts of excess storage space and make your android devices become so slow.  Caches Cleaner App for android allows you to clean your android devices by removing unwanted files and histories etc. and boosts android speed as new. Several days ago, I have introduced you the 5 Best Caches Cleaner Apps for Android to clean up your Android device, just pick your favorite one.

4.  Restart your Android Device
Just restart your device if your android device suddenly gets slower while being used. It may not be a great option to opt for, but usually it works. Just switch it off and then again turn it on now check the device out.

5.  Remove Unnecessary Widgets, Limit widgets and app shortcuts
Widgets may be useful, but Android users tend to overdue it sometimes. It is recommended that you use minimum number of widgets possible, so as to get maximum efficiency. Do not spam your homescreen with unwanted widgets and more app shortcuts.

6.  Do not use live wallpaper
Yes, they’re cool. But it slows down your smartphone, especially those running older hardware! Live wallpaper takes up battery life (just like widgets) and since effectively it’s a video running in the background, it uses up RAM and processing power. Instead, go with a static wallpaper.

7.  Root and Overclock
Another useful method is to root your phone, and then overclock it, with softwares such as SetCPU. This will reduce battery life, but give a major increase in speed. You should be careful, so as to avoid bricking your phone. Softwares such as Once Click Lag Fix for Samsung Galaxy S can also give a major performance boost after rooting.

How do you speed up your Android smartphone or tablet? Have you run into any other scams we haven’t mentioned here? Leave a comment and let us know!


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