Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Cases and Screen Protector to Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung announced the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 4 two months ago, which has a brilliant high-resolution screen and takes excellent outdoor shots on its 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. With Note 4's S-Pen, the giant 5.7-inch Galaxy Note phone stands out in a crowd.

So today, in order to help you get the most out of your device, be it for protection, convenience, or just luxury, here is a roundup of the some of the best protective cases and accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Top 1: NILLKIN Amazing H+ Nanometer Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($13.59)

The Nillkin Anti Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Selected and used Japan imported AGC glass material and HARVES nanotechnology with excellent defensive performance. It owns super high transmittance and high restoring the original color of screen. It supports anti-glare coating to prevent glare derivative.
  1. Used tempered glass, its hardness up to 9H; scratch-resistant flowers and blowout. Its surface used Nanometer thin oil coating which is anti-fingerprint, oil rub resistance and effectively preventing and filtering ultraviolet ray. It also fused the global advanced screen protector process technology.
  2. Its thickness is only 0.3mm with precise CNC cutting technology.
  3. 2.5D edging craft make the film fit the screen easily, combine the film and phone body better. At the same time, there will no risk to hurt our hands in the process. It creates perfect edges; make the film thinner, clearer and safer. Environmental and silicon coating; quicker adsorption and can be reused after cleaning.
Top 2: Nillkin Shockproof Bumper Case Cover Shell for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ($9.99)

Use PC material New TPU material Fashionable design, Molding in One Creative simple design, two mixed color, molding in one, super thin design fit the phone closely, give your phone super protection. TPU+PC combine better tenacity, light and wearable, impact resistant, super protection. Chamfer design, experience upgrade 45° chamfer design, good touching, reduce the friction and upgrade the experience. Precise holes special for S5, precise button hole, smooth operation the design of raising the screen reduces the friction between the screen and back cover, protect the screen better.

Top 3: Samsung S-View Flip Cover ($49.9)

The official Note4 case is made of polyurethane leather, though, giving it a more luxurious feel than some of its competitors. Samsung designed the official case to capitalize on the Note 4's ID chip, allowing you to quickly access key phone features via the interactive window housed on the front of the case. The functional design means you can preview messages and respond to incoming calls, among other actions, without opening the cover. Your phone's intelligent color system will even adjust the background to match your case.

Top 4: OtterBox-Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ($69.90)
Ensure your new Galaxy phablet stays like new with the highly protective Defender Series Galaxy Note 4 case. You can also Select your favorite color combination or combinations and enjoy worry-free use of your always-on device in most any environment. This custom Galaxy Note 4 case is made of three layers that work together to protect when you least expect it and need it most. Multi-layered case includes a polycarbonate inner layer, built-in screen protector and outer slipcover.

Top 5: Nillkin app Smart Window View Galaxy Note 4 case ($9.99)

Original Nillkin Note 4 Sparkle Leather Case select imported leather and pearl Bottom mix bump PC clamshell design, thin slip, delicate texture, outstanding visual. Structural design window sensitive PET material can be used without having to flip to answer the phone, check the time, camera and other functions which are convenient and practical.

Super fiber lining, soft and air permeable, protect the screen protector. Bottom uses imported environmental PC material, salient point design, and jewelry color painting, extraordinary touch and shockproof. The joint of flip cover and bottom shield are manmade, smooth beautiful and durable. Advanced Technology, details decide the quality.

Top 6: Baseus Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case ($13.99)

This case features fashionable contrast color style, show your different style and personality. Exclusive mould, accurate hole site, Perfect details. Also, the case has big window design, time and call to be clear at a glance. High quality selection, anti-fingerprint, scratch and abrasion.

So Just feel free to use this high quality PC and PU leather to have a full protection of your phone.  Let the comfortable feelings fill you more and more.

So there you have it – a roundup of some of the accessories available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4!  We’ll update this with new cases as we find them. Please comment if you have a case that you love.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Samsung Ponders Executive Shakeup As Galaxy S5 Sales Fall 40% Short Of Expectations

Samsung is looking long and hard at its top executive team with changes in mind, the Wall Street Journal reports, following Galaxy S5 devices sales that have underperformed company expectations by as much as 40 percent. The total sales for the S5, this year’s Samsung flagship device, are at around 12 million, compared to 16 million for the Galaxy S4.

As a result of the lacklustre performance, Samsung is said to be looking at stripping co-CEO and mobile leader J.K. Shin of his chief executive title, and putting him solely in charge of the mobile unit. Overarching mobile wing supervision would then fall to co-CEO B.K. Soon, who currently heads up Samsung’s home appliance and TV business, which continues to be a strong area for the Korean company.

A more unified management team could help bring together the various elements of Samsung’s business, including its recent SmartThings acquisition with its Galaxy line of devices. And while Samsung would indeed be simplifying its executive team, it wouldn’t be streamlining things entirely – a third co-CEO, Kwon Oh-hyon, who overseas the company’s semiconductor and display panel supply businesses, would reportedly remain where he is.

Samsung is said to still be selling strong in the U.S., but other key markets, including China, are seeing negative growth in new device sales. The firm needs to do something to shake up its mobile business – despite the fact that it’s still a market leader, short-term growth is trending downwards and mid- to long-term performance has seen stagnating sales at best.

Part of Samsung’s answer to this problem will reportedly be paring back its Galaxy line to simplify costs and choices for consumers. Diversification of its offerings to suit different sub-groups of market segments has helped Samsung grow its business in the past, but at this point, its ever-expanding lineup of devices could be doing more damage than good in terms of diluting the Galaxy brand overall, and leaving consumers unsure of where to look in choosing their next hardware upgrade.

Article resource:  Samsung Ponders Executive Shakeup As Galaxy S5 Sales Fall 40% Short Of Expectations

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Optical Image Stabilization comparison

Both Samsung and Apple scored a first with their new phablets: Optical Image Stabilization. That's right, both the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus are equipped with the gizmo, promising to minimize and correct for shake and tremor during video capture. 

Sure, an OIS module's usefulness extends beyond just video – if the software is optimized for it, it'll also free up the camera to go for slower shutter speeds, and that's beneficial when shooting in dark environments, as the tiny sensor can use any help it can get taking in as much light as possible. This is achievable, because the stabilizing contraption will essentially nullify tremor in your hands (yes, they tremble even if you think you're keeping perfectly still), and thus, side-step blur. In other words, while OIS is, strictly speaking, hardware, it is of little use if it receives no proper support from the camera software. 

Starting with Samsung, the company calls its particular implementation "Smart OIS", which is just a marketing term that refers to the joined efforts of the aforementioned widget and Digital Image Stabilization on the software side. Much the same arrangement is also true with the iPhone 6 Plus – OIS is implemented alongside software stabilization, which Apple chose to call Cinematic Video Stabilization.

So how do these two handle themselves, and is one better than the other? The truth is that they're about equally good in stabilizing shaky footage, but they different in terms of the kind of scenarios they handle best. For example, in our experience, the Note 4 was better at minimizing small to medium amounts of shake, while the iPhone 6 Plus outdid it when real jerky movements were involved (arguably less common). Even with that distinction, though, we still think that we have a situation close to a stalemate at our hands, but we ended up liking the Note 4 just a bit more. Take a look.
Article Resource:  Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Optical Image Stabilization comparison

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reminder: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders open from today

As announced by T-Mobile a few days back, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available to pre-order for delivery by October 17. It costs $749 full retail, or $0 down and $31.24 per month on EIP.
In my eyes, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is easily the best looking, and best-built Samsung device on the market. Perhaps the best Samsung device ever. And as someone who traditionally isn’t impressed by Sammy, that’s high praise. The metal frame and soft-touch back combine perfectly to give you a device that not only feels sturdy and durable, but comfortable too. And that QuadHD display blows the LG G3 out of the water in terms of color accuracy and sharpness. It’s Fantastic.

Important feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 
l  Dive into a brilliant 5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED® display
l  Do more with the most instinctive and precise S Pen ever
l  16 Megapixel Camera 16 Megapixel Camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
l  Take selfies to new heights with a 3.7MP "touch-free" front-facing camera
l  Get more than ever out of your battery with Ultra Power Saving Mode and Adaptive Fast Charging technology

“T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders will actually ship on October 17th when the device launches nationwide.  Are you pre-ordering a Note 4, or has Apple got your money this year?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases: Pick Your Favorite

Samsung Galaxy S5 gets its Official reveal At MWC 2014 two months ago and enjoyed strong sales on launch day, which set a new record for Samsung Electronics for launch day sales beating the achievement of the Galaxy S4 by over 30%. Just bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 or planning on buying one? If so, you should not miss the best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases we collected for you.
As all we know, Belkin always offers high-quality phone cases. And today I will still put it in the first position. Belkin 2-In-1 Wallet Folio Galaxy S5 Case comes in four different color combinations, including Azalea /Fiesta, Ink/Lavender, Black/Gravel and Lagoon/Ink. This folio can Snap your Galaxy S5 into the inner hard shell frame for full back protection and close the outer cover to protect the front. A soft microfiber inner lining keeps your screen safe from scratches, and the tab has a magnetic snap to keep everything in place.

The case also has three card slots, so if you need to, you can ditch your whole bag and only carry the essentials. In addition, they've added a vertical pocket for notes, cash or business cards.

  1. This high-quality case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5
  2. Simple design. Stylish, fashionable and Smart. Ultra-thin flip design gives you excellent experience;
  3. Extra-strong quality leather material; Built-in three card slots are convenient and practical to use.
  4. Protect your phone from Scratches, Dusts, Collisions and Abrasion;

This Samsung official case adds wireless charging to your phone’s arsenal of abilities and the intelligent S-View feature lets users read messages, answer calls, listen to music and take pictures without needing to open the case. This case is available in black and white.
Survivor Clear is crystal-clear polycarbonate married to tough, resilient TPE rubber at edges and corners, to give your S5 impact protection where it needs it most. And holding it feels great, thanks to a slightly curved silhouette. The company claims your Galaxy S5 can survive a 6-foot drop onto concrete without enduring any damage. Anyway, I don’t hope that happened in your real life.
There are also other Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5 and I will update it later. Now just choose your best one to protect and decorate your phone. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello, My Dear Readers

Hello My Dear Readers,

Long time no see, isn't it? I'm pretty excited to announce that the samsung-center.blogspot.com will continue to offer you the latest news, tips and apps for Samsung/Android smartphone and tablets from today.

I feel that Blogger is still a great community and that’s why we choose continued to offer high-quality content to all of you. Any advice, shares and comments are welcomed.

A Big Thank You For All Your Support! 

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